Originally published Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 10:53a.m.

POLACCA, Ariz. — “It Starts With A Spark” is the sister side of the Native American band, Clan Destine.

“It Starts With A Spark” is a wellness webcast and variety show that can be viewed on Facebook. It is meant to ignite passion, encourage play and empower lives.

Clan Destine works in the studio every Thursday and “It Starts With A Spark” works in the studio every Sunday as they put their Facebook and Youtube shows together. The Sunday wellness webcasts are usually in the sit down discussion format. The webcast began this past June.

Ashleigh Paul and Serene Isabello started out as fire dancers and performers accompanying Clan Destine, but decided to go forward with their wellness webcast as well. The dynamic duo serve as the hosts. Liz Doria is the producer working along with Follow Your Bliss Media.

“We’re trying to grow both shows,” Paul said about Clan Destine and “It Starts With A Spark.”

Paul said female wellness, vulnerability and looking at various cultures is among their shows topics.

Aside from the webcast, “It Starts With A Spark” also runs corporate events.

Paul said working with Clan Destine is super cool because the band dives deeply into Native American culture.

“We were inspired to do a sister show that dives deeply into the female way. We like to blend the two,” she said.

One of the reasons Paul said she likes Clan Destine is because they show so much honor for their culture and where they come from.

“I wish other cultures were like that,” she said.

Paul said she is thirsty for culture because she grew up as a foster child not knowing about her cultural background. She is having her DNA tested to see if she is part Native American. She knows that her mother’s side is Polish/Italian, but she doesn’t know the background on her father’s side. Paul said she was blessed to be given the life she has because the parents who raised her were great.

The second season of “It Starts With A Spark” begins March 3 and about 40 women are lined up for interviews. They are also interested in hearing from women who want to be interviewed.

More information about the program is available by emailing itstartswithaspark.healing@gmail.com

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