Originally published Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 11:21a.m.

SAINT MICHAELS, Ariz. — Pumpkins were delivered Oct. 7 to the children and residents of the Saint Michaels Association for Special Education and the children of the Hogan Hozhoni children’s home in Saint Michaels.

The pumpkins were part of a donation to area organizations that provide care services to those with special needs or are separated from their parents.

SMASE currently works with 53 children and adults from the age of 6 and older with moderate to severe developmental disabilities. The association cares for Navajo people from all parts of the Navajo Nation with special needs.

Speaker Seth Damon thanked the staff and administration of the association for providing needed services for Navajo people.

“You are the backbone of our community,” Damon said.

Pumpkins were also delivered to Hogan Hozhoni, which is a children’s home that is operated by members of the Mennonite congregation. The children in their care are as old as eleven years of age and have been separated from their birth parents.

Both SMASE and Hogan Hozhoni plan to hold pumpkin carving and pie making activities over the coming weeks for the children and residents in their care.

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