Originally published Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 11:10a.m.

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – The Window Rock Fighting Scouts (8-6, 1-1) won a regional basketball game over the Ganado Hornets (5-14, 0-3), with a final score of 61-32, at the Bee Hółdzil “Stronghold” Fighting Scouts Event Center Jan. 14.

The Lady Fighting Scouts (11-3, 1-1) were held in check by the Lady Hornets (18-1, 3-0) and a final score of 59- 51, Jan. 14.

Window Rock vs. Ganado 61-32

The Fighting Scouts brought a new looking offensive team with the addition of senior Quincy Smith, a transfer that Fighting Scouts fans anticipated for much of the first half of the season.

From the opening tip, Smith moved the ball to an open teammate, Trajon Bizardi, who drove the ball, into the paint and converted it for an old fashion three point basket.

Smith, after grabbing a rebound found Cauy Silversmith racing down the court with a full court pass and again for another uncontested basket, bringing the home crowd into a playoff like frenzy.

The two quick scores led to an 8-0 run and a first quarter lead of 16-8.

The up-tempo pace of the game continued into second quarter with the Scouts outscoring the visitors 16-6 and increasing the lead 32-14, in the Scout’s favor at intermission.

With the outcome of the game, seemingly in the Scout’s favor, the coaches for both benches substituted freely. The third quarter belonged to the Scouts, with an 18-8 scoring run and holding on to score of 50-22, going into the final frame.

With non-starters playing the final quarter, the Hornets sent the Scouts to line limiting over baskets. The Scouts converted on 9-13 free throw attempts, closing out the win with a 61-32 score.

Smith led all scorers with game high 13 points, while Adrian Destea contributed eleven points to the regional win.

The Hornets of Ganado were led by Luey Chee with 14 points.

The Scouts faced Chinle Jan. 17 and Monument Valley Jan. 24.

Ganado Lady Hornets vs. Window Rock Lady Scouts 59-51

“We take pride in our team defense’” said Ganado Lady Hornets Coach Mike Bitsuie. “We moved the ball on offense, we work together and we have some fun.”

Ganado’s Jayla McIntosh hit two baskets from beyond the arc and so did Jaeden James in less than a minute, to offset the 6-0 start for the Lady Scouts.

“We are ready for Ganado,” said Head Mentor for the Lady Scouts, Sharon Toadecheenie. “We are going to play the fundamentals of basketball and have Fun.”

The Hornets went on a 10-5 run to close out the first quarter, leading 16-11.

The Lady Scouts and Lady Hornets battled evenly to 14 all quarter with the advantage still favoring the Hornets, who led at halftime, 30-25.

Ganado continued to out-point Window Rock, 17-12 in the third quarter. Ganado led 47-37 going into final quarter.

The Lady Scouts led by the ball handling Jana Solee who went on a 9-5 run, to cut into the Hornets lead, 52-46, midway the quarter.

The Lady Hornets then converted on 7 of 12 free-throws to close out the final frame and with a 59-51 score.

“We won the game with our defense,” Bitsuie said. “We made them earn everything (scores), we hit a lot of shots, overall we the moved the ball pretty well.”

Ganado’s Deana Curley and Jayla McIntosh tied for game high scoring honors with 17 points each, followed closely by Jaeden James with 15 points.

The Lady Scouts were led by Bayle Talkaiai and Jana Solee with 13 and 12 points respectively.

The Lady Scouts faced Chinle Jan. 17 and Monument Valley Jan. 24.

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