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Singer and heavy metal artist Sage Bond shares how music helps her heal

Sage Bond's voice is powerful and mesmerizing, even if you might not like the heavy metal music she plays. But for her, the music is a way of working through depression and anxiety — the way heavy metal sounds is part of the point.

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Rez Rising: A new app and website makes it so tourists can buy direct from local Native small businesses

For tourists and locals alike traveling in the Southwest, there’s a new, easy way to find local Native businesses using your mobile phone or computer — Rez Rising, a new app and website at

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The art of healing: Behavioral Health Unit at FMC unveils new murals to help patients heal

Sometimes all it takes is a little help from your friends, which Duane Koyawena proved when he asked his artist friends to help him paint the walls at the Behavioral Health Unit at Flagstaff Medical Center.

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New book, TV series follows 2017-18 Chinle Wildcats

'Canyon Dreams: A Basketball Season on the Navajo Nation' author shares about book

But ‘Canyon Dreams’ does delve into the realities kids faced during the 2017-2018 basketball season and explores why Chinle, a town of about 4,500, packs the Wildcats gymnasium full of fans and family, who sometimes travel vast distances across the reservation to watch the games.

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Living the Lyrics: Klee Benally releases new acoustic album, ‘The Unsustainable Sessions’

Winter Solstice Indigenous Acoustic Revue featuring Radmilla Cody, Klee Benally, Sage Bond and Sunburnt Stone and CD release Dec. 20 from 6-9 p.m. at the Coconino Center for the Arts in Flagstaff

With a raw, gritty voice, sometimes almost a whisper, sometimes more of a challenging tone, Benally in the music on this album examines the struggle to protect indigenous sacred lands, to tear down colonial systems, to fight for justice against injustice and to move people to action.

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Hope for Missing and Murdered Diné Relatives

Local groups continue to addresses missing and murdered Diné people across the Navajo Nation

The testimony of families, if they choose, happens at all of MMDR work group meetings as a reminder that the issues the group is tackling are real ones, with real impacts on families and communities across the Navajo Nation.

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‘All Eyes on Me: A Collection of Diné Poetry’ available at Salina Bookshelf, Inc.

“I wrote about subject matter that had a profound impact on my life,” Abasta said. “The message was basically to provide an unfiltered and contemporary view of Navajo life.

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Navajo Generating Station shuts down permanently

Navajo groups call for a return to Diné Fundamental Law and values

As Navajo Generating Station burned the last of its coal and officially closed Nov. 18, Navajo grassroots groups issued a call for the Navajo Nation to return to honoring Diné Fundamental Law and values in energy policy decisions.

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Parallel universes: Native reservations and ‘Star Wars’

MNA’s new exhibit explores why Iconic films resonate so strongly with Native people

Ryan Singer, artist, said the idea behind Tuba City Spaceport, a painting that shows Tuba City Trading Post in a ‘Star Wars’ universe, was about parallel universes connecting and interacting — a theme of a new exhibit at the Museum of Northern Arizona.

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Celebrating and protesting Indigenous People's Day

Activist Klee Benally protests continued profiling, desecration of Sacred Peaks and other Native issues at Indigenous People's Day in Flagstaff Oct. 14

Klee Benally, a local activist, stood alone in front of the Flagstaff City Council and a crowd of people who had come to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day Oct. 14 in the city of Flagstaff council chambers.

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